95.35 million mobile subscriptions and 52.40 million mobile internet users in Egypt


The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology revealed in a report, that the volume of mobile phone subscriptions increased to about 95.35 million subscriptions by the end of December 2020, compared to 94.91 million subscriptions in November 2020 and 95.34 million subscriptions in December 2019.

The volume of mobile Internet users increased to reach 52.40 million users in December 2020 compared to 51.11 million users in November 2020, and 39 million users in December 2019, and the volume of USB modem subscriptions increased in December 2020 to about 4.04 million users compared to 3.41 1 million users in November 2020 and 3.60 users in December 2019.

The communications and information technology sector achieved a gross domestic product estimated at 108 billion pounds during the year 2019/2020, compared to about 93.5 billion pounds in 2018/2019, with a growth rate of about 15.2% during the year 2019/2020, to be the highest growth in the state sector despite the Corona pandemic.

The total investments implemented in the communications and information technology sector amounted to 48.1 billion pounds during the year 2019/2020, compared to 35.4 billion pounds in the year 2018/2019, an increase of 35%.

The sector’s contribution to the state’s GDP was about 4.4% in 2019/2020, compared to 3.8% in 2018/2019.


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