A 7-hour surgery … extracting a chop from a lady’s front in Sohag


5:30 pm

Monday 22nd March 2021

Sohag – Ammar Abdel Wahed:

A medical team in the Department of Neurosurgery at Sohag University Hospital succeeded in extracting a cleaver from the forehead of a woman, who was suffering from cuts in the scalp, fractures of the skull bones and a cut wound on the forehead.

Dr. Ahmed Aziz, President of Sohag University, said in press statements, today, Monday, that the injured “CR” arrived at the hospital and was received by the hospital’s emergency reception team, with the help of the emergency rooms and Qena ambulance in coordination with the administrative deputy of the hospital.

Dr. Hassan Al-Nu’mani, Acting Dean of the College of Human Medicine, explained that the doctors performed first aid for the injured, as she was suffering from a drop in blood circulation as a result of bleeding, and after making the necessary rumors, the injured woman was immediately transferred to the neurosurgery operating room, and the cleaver was lifted, Adding that she was suffering from multiple fractures of the skull bones, cuts in the dura mater, bleeding blood vessels and fractures.

Al-Nu’mani added that the bleeding blood vessels were stopped while maintaining the vital centers of the brain, repairing the dura mater, rearranging the bones and fixing them with surgical sutures.

The acting dean of Sohag Medical College indicated that the operations took about 7 hours, and the injured woman was transferred to intensive care in the hospital.

The medical team of the Department of Neurosurgery included Dr. Omar Al-Shaibani, Assistant Lecturer, Dr. Ahmed Al-Halafawi, Teaching Assistant, Dr. Mohamed Qasem, Resident Doctor, Dr. Ahmed Hamdy, Resident Doctor, Dr. Ahmed Maher, Nursing, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Salah Saro, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Moamen Mohamed Al-Maamoun, head of the department.

The medical team of the Oral and Maxillofacial Unit also repaired the fractures of the pilgrims of the eye and the nose and fixed them by Dr. Hatem Adel Al-Shazly, under the supervision of Dr. Tariq Al-Sayed Fattouhi, Assistant Professor, Dr. Kamal Al-Sharqawy, Head of the Unit, Dr. Mustafa Hamid, Assistant Lecturer, Dr. Muhammad Al-Deeb, Doctor Resident, and the anesthesia team included Dr. Walid Adel, assistant teacher, Dr. Mahmoud Khalaf Teaching Assistant, Dr. Jihad Ahmed, resident doctor, Dr. Ayyu Muhammad, resident doctor, Dr. Muhammad Yusuf.


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