A beautiful model reveals the plan to “seduce” the tennis star Djokovic


As Natalia said, someone in London offered her to “seduce” a hero Wimbledon Five times, for £ 52,000.

She explained that the plan included filming Novak in inappropriate situations, and publishing this on the Internet, pointing to her belief that the goal behind that was to destroy the marriage of Najm. tennisAnd damaging his sports career.

And Natalia indicated, according to press statements, that she felt “offended” by the show, especially as it targets a tennis player who is “the best ambassador for her country.” Serbia“.

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, the person who was trying to trap Novak Djokovic made it clear that he would offer Natalia, in addition to the money, an all-expenses-inclusive trip to any place she wants to go.

Natalia described what happened during her meeting with that person, saying: “I laughed because I thought he was joking with me, and when I felt the seriousness of what he was saying, I refused, and was about to throw what was in front of me in his face. I left immediately and I hope he does not find another woman doing the same thing with Novak.”

It is worth noting that Djokovic, 34, became the world’s number one longest-keeper earlier this month, after surpassing the Swiss star. Roger Federer.


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