A bodybuilder gets rid of his parents in a horrific way because of a dog


A bodybuilder gets rid of his parents in a horrific way because of a dog

Pino Neumier, a 30-year-old Italian bodybuilder, confessed to killing his parents because they asked him to take the family dog ​​for a walk.

The murder took place in Bolzano, in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol, when teachers Peter Neumier and Laura Pearcelli went missing earlier this year.

Mother Lauras body was later found in the Adige River with signs of suffocation, while her husband’s body was never on the surface, although traces of his blood were found on a nearby bridge.

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The bodybuilder admitted to killing his father after a brief quarrel that began when the father asked his son to get out of bed and take the family dog ​​out for a walk.

And when he refused to develop it, Pino said: “My father accused me of being a failure. I just wanted to be silent. So I silenced him,” and decided to suffocate him until he stopped complaining.

He continued, “I took the climbing rope that I found in the stairs where I put my tools. We were in the hallway and we fell together on the ground. I just remember pushing hard.”

Soon after, Pino said, his mother came home and suffocated her with the same rope.

He commented, “I did it without saying goodbye.”

The son admitted that he threw his parents’ body over a bridge in the river.

The young man is now in prison in Bolzano on charges of murder and concealing the body as the investigation continues.

Source: dailymail

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