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An Italian bodybuilder killed his parents in a chilling crime, after waking him from sleep for the family’s dog to walk outside the house.

The murder took place in the city of Bolzano in the South Tyrol province in northern Italy, when a 30-year-old bodybuilder killed his parents, Peter Neumier and Laura Pearcelli, earlier this year.

The Daily Mail newspaper confirmed that the circumstances of the crime were revealed when the police found the body of the accused’s mother sunk in the Adige River and her body had signs of suffocation, while the body of the murdered accused’s father did not appear on the surface so far, despite the discovery of traces of the victim’s blood on a bridge near the place. the incident.

As a result of this crime, Italian police arrested bodybuilder Benno Neumier on January 29th, accused of involvement in the murder of his elderly parents.

While the accused confessed to killing his father after a short quarrel and then killing his mother when she entered him, and he commits his crime against his father without giving any reasons for it.

According to the defendant’s confessions, the argument that prompted him to kill his parents was due to his father’s request to him to get out of bed and take the family dog ​​out for a walk.


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