“A corpse and 5 masked” … her husband’s killer admits: “He would laugh at me and my lover


03:29 PM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

South Sinai – Rida El-Sayed:

Today, Tuesday, the Public Prosecution Office in South Sinai referred her husband’s killer in Ras Sidr with the help of her lover and others to criminal charges, and charged them with premeditated murder.

The facts of the case go back to the beginning of last November, when Major General Ahmed Al-Alfi, Director of South Sinai Security, received a notification of a report from a girl, claiming that 5 masked men stormed her house in the village of Ras Masala in Ras Sidr in South Sinai, and killed her husband by stab wounds in different parts of his body. .

Investigations revealed that the wife, “a 20-year-old housewife,” had planned to kill her husband, a 25-year-old driver, with the help of her lover and his brother, and put his sleeping pills in the food.

She added that she took revenge on her husband, after he discovered her relationship with another man, and threatened to expose her in front of her family and neighbors, so she decided to get rid of him in agreement with the lover, and they devised a plan to remove him from their path forever.

The defendant said that she had no choice but to kill, and agreed with her lover, who was residing in Giza, to get rid of the husband, with the help of the accused’s brother.

And the accuser continued: “On the day of the incident, the lover and his brother came from Giza and I had brought a sleepwalker and put him for food, and after eating food he entered his room and fell asleep. Then I opened the door of the house and the lover and his brother entered the room in which my husband was lying, and he stabbed him several times with a knife, Then he hit me on the head, according to what we agreed on in the plan, in order to mislead the mabahith, and the lover and his brother fled.

The accused explained that she had informed the police, who took the body to the morgue, and a report of the incident was drawn up and presented to the Public Prosecution, which conducts investigations.

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