A decrease in temperatures and rain … the weather, Wednesday, March 14, 2021


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Announced a body Meteorological Egyptian expectations for weather Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the authority confirmed that weather It is nice on Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt and cool on the western coasts, where temperatures drop all over the country with values ​​ranging between (6: 8) degrees Celsius and cold weather at night, in addition to the possibility of rain in some areas.

She also warned Meteorological From the exciting winds of sand and dust in some areas, and they reach the point of a storm in southern Upper Egypt.

status weather During the day:

The weather service confirmed that weather Be nice to greater Cairo and Lower Egypt

The weather is cool on the western coasts, gentle on the eastern coasts, and the winds are brisk.

The weather is moderate in South Sinai, pleasant in the north of Upper Egypt, and hot in southern Upper Egypt.

status weather Leila :

As for the night, the meteorology confirmed that the weather is cold in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts

The weather will be cold in southern Sinai, and pleasant in the south of the country.

Weather phenomena:

The authority confirmed that there are chances of light rain falling in some areas of the northern coasts and Lower Egypt at intermittent periods (approximately 30%)

Wind activity in most parts of the Republic, causing sand and dust in some areas of Greater Cairo and the south of the country, and may reach the extent of a storm in the north of Upper Egypt

The case of Bahrain:

As for the case of the Mediterranean Sea, is turbulent, and the wave height is from 3 to 4 meters, and the winds are southwest to northwest.

As for the case of the Red Sea, it will be turbulent and wave heights from 3 to 4 meters, and the winds are northwest.

« Egyptian today “A statement of the expected temperatures will be published tomorrow, Wednesday, on the governorates and cities of Egypt

Cairo 22 13

Alexandria 20 13

Wadi Natrun 21 12

Tanta 21 31

Shebin Al-Kom 22 13

Damanhur 21 13

Baltim 21 14

Matrouh 19 13

Salloum 18 12

Siwa 20 9

Port Said 21 13

Damietta 20 14

Zagazig 22 12

Mansoura 21 13

Ismailia 23 11

Suez 23 14

Arish 24 12

Rafah 23 11

Ras Sidr 24 12

Palm 22 10

Nuweiba 24 16

Taba 22 13

Catherine 19 7

Phase 26 14

Sharm El-Sheikh 28 17

Hurghada 27 16

Marsa Alam 26 17

Faiyum 23 12

Beni Suef 23 12

Minya 23 13

Assiut 24 13

Sohag 25 14

Qena 27 17

Luxor 29 16

Aswan 32 19

Edfu 31 18

Abu Simbel 29 19

New Valley 28 14

Shalateen 31 21

Aburmad 32 20

Halayeb 29 23

Ras Hdurba 28 22

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