A difficult victory for Al-Ahly against Heliopolis in the hand league


Al-Ahly achieved a difficult victory over Heliopolis, 32-30, in the ninth round of the second stage of the professional handball league, in the match that was held between them this evening.

The first half of the match ended with Al-Ahly leading 18-13.

The second half witnessed the awakening of the Heliopolis players and attempts to return to the match during the events of this half, despite the red team’s lead by 8 goals during the half.

But the Heliopolis players managed to reduce the difference to two goals, but the experience of Al-Ahly players decided the victory for them.

With this result, Al-Ahly raised its score to point 28 in second place, succeeding Zamalek, who has the same balance, but is superior thanks to direct confrontations.

While Heliopolis has 16 points, it is in sixth place in the competition’s ranking.

The competition regulations of the Egyptian Handball Federation stipulate that the winning team will be awarded three points, while the loser gets two points, and in the event of a tie, the two teams receive two points for each of them.


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