A doctor explores the causes of “spring allergy” and ways to prevent it in the time of Kaur


2:00 PM

Tuesday 30th March 2021

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With the advent of spring, many people may get sick due to eye, nose and skin irritation, as a result of the spread of pollen and dust in the air.

In this context, Masrawy reviews the causes of spring allergy and ways to prevent it, according to Dr. Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, and the webmd website.

the reasons

According to the “webmd” website, the spring allergy is produced as a resistance response from the body, especially the immune system, to fight substances that it does not recognize, such as dust and pollen scattered in the air, which are produced by different trees and herbs in the spring of the pollination process, and transmitted to the body by touch or Breathing.

Dr. Magdy Badran, a member of the Egyptian Society of Allergy and Immunology, also reveals the cause of allergy, saying that the pollen carried by wind and dust causes some people to get sick after inhaling the dust, which leads to irritation of the mucous membranes, according to statements he made to the “Ambassador Aziza” program on the channel DMC.


Symptoms most common among spring allergic patients include:

Inflammation in the eye.

Feeling of irritation when going outdoors.

Constant urge to itch your nose.

Irritation of the pharynx.

Sore throat and nose and sneezing.

Redness of the skin, rash, and the urge to itch.

Methods of prevention

Badran offers several important tips for avoiding spring allergies:

Pay attention to washing hands regularly and periodically.

Clean the nose and “gargle” on a permanent basis.

– Paying attention to wearing the muzzle on an ongoing basis.

Change clothes and take a shower upon arrival home.

Eliminate carpets and curtains for the time being because they are full of pollen and dust.

Allergy sufferers should pay attention to medication and consult a doctor.

– Limiting access to parks and gardens during this period.

Close all windows to prevent pollen from entering the house.

Eat foods and fruits that contain vitamin C.

Wear glasses when leaving the house.

Beware of household pets, as they may carry pollen and dust.


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