A “duet” and Salah steals the spotlight in the national training session in preparation for the confrontation with Kenya


Kidnapping Mohamed Salah Liverpool striker, England, and Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, the player of Al-Ahly, is the limelight during a training session Egypt national team Currently located in Cairo International Stadium, in preparation for the confrontation with Kenya and Comoros in Africa Qualifiers.

The clear understanding and harmony between Qafsha and Mohamed Salah appeared during the division that Hossam Al-Badri made between the players, and the Al-Ahly player put magic passes to Muhammad Salah that put him on more than one occasion for the national team guards, which confirms that they will have a great influence in the next team matches.

Mustafa Mohamed succeeded in scoring a goal at the beginning of the division that Hossam Al-Badri made between the players, to confirm his readiness to score the net of Kenya in the match next Thursday and his right to lead the attack of the Pharaohs.

And Mohamed Salah completely alone wasted the goalkeeper, Mohamed Bassam, during the division, to come back again and quickly shake the net of the Talaia Al-Jaysh goalkeeper, to announce his readiness to play the first match with the national team under the leadership of Hossam Al-Badri.

The Egyptian national team is preparing to face its Kenyan counterpart at 6 pm next Thursday as part of the qualifiers for the upcoming African Nations Cup, which carries the number 33, which is scheduled to be held in Cameroon in 2022 with the participation of 24 teams for the second time..

The draw resulted in the Egyptian national team falling into Group G, accompanied by Kenya, Togo, and Jarz al-Qamar, where the qualifiers were divided into a preliminary round with 4 confrontations, and then the group stage with 4 teams in 12 groups, the first and second qualifying from each group..

Egypt tops the Group G ranking with 8 points, on goal difference from the Comoros Islands, while Kenya is third with 3 points, and Togo comes fourth with one point.

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