A famous artist was expelled from a movie for allegedly raping a young girl


In a new chapter revealing a sexual scandal, a famous actor was expelled from a film’s cast, after he was chosen to play the title role, on charges of raping a young girl, 4 years ago.

According to Variety, a global news site, American actor Armie Harmer was fired from the cast of the movie Billion Dollar Spy, after he was chosen to play the title role opposite Mads Mikkelsen in the film based on real events.

According to Variety, all the works in which Hummer will appear in the future are the ones that were completed and filmed before the allegations spread on social media, but his future in acting has become threatened by this strong case.

Armie Hammer has also not finished implementing the second part of the movie Call Me By Your Name, which released the first part in 2017, and co-starred with Timothy Chalamey, but so far the producers have not given the green light to the team to write and start filming his scenes.

A number of women were charged with assault earlier this year, and his former partner filed for rape, and the Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating these allegations, which threatens his fans.

The American actor had denied these allegations through his lawyer, describing the allegation as outrageous, stressing that any sexual contact between his client and any other partner was consensual.


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