A famous Egyptian doctor: Ramez Jalal’s program “an insult to millions”


Okasha said, in a statement carried by the Cairo newspaper, Al-Masry Al-Youm: “In the event that the name of the program is really under this name, it is absolutely not true that at a time all over the world tends to remove the stigma on the mental patient, and that he suffers from a defect and a disease in the brain, and that mental illness Because of magic and unseen things, nor any kind Superstitions, We find a program called (Ramez is a psychopath), We are not used to saying, for example, that Ali has cancer or that Karima has a heart condition. Psychiatric patient“.

He continued, saying: “Those in charge of this program must fight to remove the stigma on the mental patient and not be in this way. We see foreign films, and the psychological patient cannot appear as a material for ridicule or a substance for laughter. This is an unethical and uncivilized act. The things that are happening in the world now, “Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper reported.

Okasha, advisor to the Egyptian president explained Abdel Fattah Sisi For Mental Health: “It suffices to know that out of every 4 people in the world, one suffers from a mental illness, and that the number of mental illnesses in the world is in the billions and has increased with the spread of disease Covid-19“.

He considered that the program with this name “is a severe insult to millions of people who will despise and look at the limited civilization produced by this program.”

It became a program presented Pranks Egyptian Ramez Jalal, which is scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021, is threatening to stop due to his failure to issue licenses to practice the profession from the Media Syndicate, in addition to the content the program provides that has been subject to criticism and reports to the Syndicate and the Public Prosecution and reached the courts more than once.

Last Ramadan, the Media Syndicate decided In Egypt، منع ظهور Ramez Galal Any media broadcast inside the country until his legal status is reconciled, after the Syndicate found out that he was not a member, had a membership or a permit to practice the media profession, in reference to his work as a broadcaster for the program, which was not achieved because the program was a continuous presentation.

The head of the Media Syndicate, Tariq Saada, stated in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” that Ramez Jalal did not submit any new notification regarding the amendment of the decision last year, or the issuance of a decision to practice the profession as a presenter of a program presented during the month of Ramadan, but he made it clear that this procedure may be submitted even before 48 hours of the show, especially since the issuance of licenses does not take long within the Media Syndicate.

Saada pointed out that, in general, the Media Syndicate has the right to stop broadcasting any program that has not obtained a license, as the Syndicate has the criminal and administrative powers towards the channel and the presenter of the program, whatever it is, if it does not implement the decision, and the penalties reach to stop broadcasting the channel if it does not comply with the order, pointing out that Through an internal committee called the Content Monitoring Observatory, he can revoke the permit of any broadcaster who violates the standards and codes of media honor.

He pointed out that the law gives the right to practice the profession as a journalist, to whoever is a working member of the Media Syndicate, or whoever applies for a license to practice the profession and is not a union member, or has been working as a member in another union, provided that the license is renewed after its term expires and after submitting a new application. And fulfill the required documents.

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