A final call: The government appeals to citizens to reconcile over violations


11:16 AM

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, appealed to citizens in all governorates to quickly go to the technological centers in centers, cities and neighborhoods to end the procedures for reconciliation over irregular building violations and to take advantage of the opportunity given by the government regarding extending the period for accepting reconciliation requests and legalizing their legal status before the specified period ends at the end of this March. .

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi stated that the number of citizens applying for reconciliation in connection with irregular building violations in the technological centers in the governorates amounted to 2 million 784 thousand requests, stressing that the recent approval of the Council of Ministers to extend the period of reconciliation in construction violations for a period of 3 months ending at the end of this month, according to the Reconciliation Law in Some building violations and its implementing regulations, provided that the applicant pays 40% as serious reconciliation if he pays during the month of March.

Major General Sharawi called on the heads of the technology centers to extend a helping hand to the violating citizens and to provide all facilities to expedite the procedures for submitting reconciliation requests for irregular building violations to enter under the umbrella of the law and take advantage of the opportunity given by the government regarding extending the period of accepting reconciliation requests and legalizing their status for additional additional periods until the end of March. The ongoing process to recover the full rights of the state and achieve discipline for the construction system in all governorates, stressing the need to implement the necessary precautionary measures, take disinfection and sterilization measures, and take into account the application of social distancing in the admission centers in order to preserve the safety of everyone.

Major General Shaarawi explained that the highest requests for legalizing building violations were in the governorates of Beheira, with more than 280,000 requests, Sharqia 244,000 requests, Qalyubia 225,000 requests, Menoufia 202,000 requests, Giza 196,000 requests, and Cairo 185,000 requests, explaining that the governorates have made since the beginning of the period of receiving requests in Last July, 2020, with some procedures and steps to facilitate and facilitate the citizens’ requests during the submission of reconciliation requests, as new outlets were opened in all centers, cities and neighborhoods to receive requests.

Hotlines have also been set aside for reporting building violations, canceling vacations and breaks for all employees of the reconciliation file, continuing to receive requests from citizens throughout the week, and forming committees headed by governors’ deputies and local leaders in the governorates to periodically pass the reconciliation committees to speed up the completion of requests.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi added that there is a great opportunity for citizens who wish to reconcile to correct their situation in construction violations in accordance with the law and not be exposed to removing the violations, pointing out that the applicants are handed a certificate indicating this to be submitted to the competent authorities after paying the sums of money related to the seriousness of reconciliation until the evaluation is completed and the decision is made. The work of the competent committee.

Major General Shaarawi said that reconciliation procedures are taking place regarding one of the types of violations, which is building without a permit, and that reconciliation aims primarily to preserve the interests of citizens and to affirm the prestige and rights of the state.

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