A funny situation .. Mohy Ismail mimics Mahmoud Hamida .. Watch


On the sidelines of a symposium held during the activities of the Luxor Film Festival, the artist, Mohi Ismail, imitated the artist Mahmoud Hamida, as he surprised all the attendees by standing up and then moving with the same movements, while Hamida commented on the situation with great laughter.

The Luxor Festival of African Cinema held a celebration on the sidelines of its activities to honor Sudanese cinema, the guest of honor of its tenth session this year, to support and appreciate all its makers who face many difficulties to produce their films that carry their issues and express them with utmost sincerity.

The ceremony of the Luxor Festival of African Cinema witnessed the appearance of the artist Mahmoud Hamida, who is the honorary president of the festival, in the traditional Sudanese dress to honor the Sudanese people, as he held the festival on Sunday in order to honor the figures who supported the festival from its first to the tenth session.

She also co-star fans Nadia El-Gendy In honoring those supporting personalities, including the actor Mahmoud Hamida, who is the honorary president of the festival, Major General Tariq Allam, a member of the festival’s supreme committee, and critic Magdy al-Tayeb.

And also the National Bank of Egypt, the sponsor and permanent partner of the festival, from the beginning of the second session until today. The bank also adopts a program for developing talents in the local community through five technical workshops that offer five cinematic lessons, for whom Marwan Atef received the honor.

The names of the deceased were also honored, including the great critic Samir Farid, the critic Farouk Abdel Khaleq, the great star Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, the star Khaled Saleh, the late Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, the tourist expert Muhammad Othman, and others.


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