A huge financial reward for Hossam Al-Badri after qualifying for the nations of Africa … Get to know it


Resolving a positive tie 1-1 The events of the Egypt-Kenya match, which were held between them a while ago, within the framework of the fifth round of qualifying matches for the African Nations Championship.

With this result, the Egyptian national team decides its official qualification to the next African nations, after increasing its score to 9 points, occupying the top of the group.

An informed source inside the Football Association revealed the reward for Hossam El-Badry, the technical director of the Egyptian national team, after qualifying for the African Nations Cup finals in Cameroon.

He added: After the Egyptian national team drew tonight against Kenya, Hossam Al-Badri will receive the 500,000 EGP qualification bonus for the African nations, according to the clause in the contract concluded between him and Jabalaya.


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