A lost ticket threatens a young man with a fortune in excess of 18 million pounds


After he thought that luck smiled at him after he won Prize money Over $ 1 million in sweepstakes; An American citizen from “Tennessee” was nearly denied the opportunity to receive the prize money, as he lost the winning lottery ticket.، The same day he learned about his win, but soon again lucked.
The start of the incident dates back to March 10, the day Nick Slatten bought A lottery ticket On his return to his residence in “Sparta” in the US state, and the next day he discovered that the value of this ticket was estimated at one million and 178 thousand dollars, equivalent to more than 18 million Egyptian pounds, after inspecting the application of the “Tennessee Lottery” competition.

Slatten said in a press release issued by the lottery administration that he was astonished after discovering that he had won this fortune, and then rushed to his fiancee’s workplace to inform her of the happy news, and spent the rest of the day performing some tasks, including taking his brother to an auto parts store, before Realizes that the winning ticket is missing.

After recovering from the tasks he did throughout the day, however, he returned to the parking lot attached to the auto parts store in a desperate attempt to find the lottery ticket, where he found it lying on the ground next to another car.

Nick Slatten expressed his surprise during his statements, saying, “It is a ticket worth one million dollars and someone passed directly over it,” stressing that he and his fiancee intend not to give up their work and are planning to buy a house and invest the remaining prize money.


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