A marine expert reveals the true cause of the ship’s decline in the Suez Canal .. Video


Marine expert Saleh Hijazi said, ships ’stranding or derailment is a common occurrence And repeated A lot, stressing that this happens as a result of weather conditions and in times of severe weather.

و .ضاف Hegazy during a telephone interview on the “Min Masr” program broadcast on “CBC” channel: What makes the ship deviate from its course, like what happened in a ship Channel Suez is not windy but extremely marine it’s called “Bura” is a wind shock and not just a strong wind that occurs Suddenly .

و .وضح Hijazi, that The ship that was hit to me Pandemic in Channel Suez happened to her like this Command Previously in the channel, Confirming that There are 8 tugs trying to straighten the ship’s course so that it doesn’t happen Obstruction In the air navigation process ل .نه It cannot be unloaded.

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