A mistake from the Football Association disrupts Mustafa Muhammad’s travel procedures to Turkey


Mostafa Mohamed, the Egyptian national team player and professional in the Turkish Galatasaray, is currently facing a crisis at Cairo airport that prevents him from completing his travel procedures to Turkey after the end of his mission with the Egyptian national team after the Pharaohs played the Kenya and Comoros matches.

The player went to Cairo Airport a short while ago to finish the travel procedures, before it was not possible to travel until the completion of some of the procedures that the Football Association failed to end, as an administrative error from the Football Association caused the player’s travel procedures to be suspended.

Mustafa Muhammad had been subjected to a theft incident in Turkey and lost his passport, before extracting a travel document to join the team, which has already happened, and a passport was issued for him, but the travel procedures have not yet ended and the player is at Cairo airport waiting for the crisis to be resolved.


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