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Monday 29th March 2021

I wrote – Amal Sami:

Dr. Ali Jumaa, Chairman of the Religious Committee of the People’s Assembly, responded to the deputy of the Nour Party, Ahmed Al-Ahmadi, after his statement that the Nour Party refused to criminalize female circumcision. If the two circumcision met, explaining that it is attached to the Muthanna, and it does not explain that this circumcision occurred, and this circumcision occurred, so it does not mean that the circumcision occurred for both parties, but rather it determines the location of the circumcision.

Jumaa emphasized that there is no evidence that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, approved circumcision. It has nothing to do with concepts that the West wants us to fall into or not to fall into.

Jumah said that a person has changed his daily programs, including clothes and pollutants in the air, including distance from nature and the use of horses and camels in transportation. Umm Attiyah is a weak hadith and it contains a reason, and the Prophet did not seal his daughters and did not order that. Jumah added that withdrawing the words that he said and endorsed by the jurists is old, and what is found in the books on the changed reality is not correct.

And the hadith of Umm Atiyyah, which was referred to by the deputy and received by Dr. Ali Jumaa, is what was reported on the authority of Umm Atiya al-Ansariyyah that a woman in Medina used to circumcise girls. The humiliation. ”

The “Nour Party” opinion on “female circumcision”

The Nour Party believes that it does not want to close the door to performing some operations that need a medical justification when treating, because the doctors themselves acknowledge that there are some cases that need medical intervention, and the new laws make doctors afraid to take any measures. Al-Ahmadi said that the phrases mentioned in the law contain “distorted,” “justice,” and “wound” any part of these parts. Al-Shar’i says that there is a fatwa by Sheikh Gad Al-Haq Ali, formerly Sheikh of Al-Azhar, in 1994 AD, in which he mentioned the texts of the four schools of thought. The Hanafi school says that circumcision is Sunnah for men and women. The apparent rituals of Islam, and in the doctrine of Imam Malik is Sunnah, and those who neglect it are sinful, and in the Shafi’i school a duty for men and women, as for the Hanbali school of thought, it is obligatory for men, and it is obligatory for women in sayings and permissible in other sayings.

This is what Dr. Ali Jumaa responded to in the debate session in the House of Representatives, saying that this book has special circumstances, so Sheikh Jad al-Haq ordered his office to collect something against circumcision, and the circumstance of this book was related to another issue in which there was an attack from the United Nations draft of the Population Conference, which contained violations Many among them were the permissibility of perversion, including the prohibition of circumcision, and also the permissibility of abortion, euthanasia, and others. “We responded to these violations and this idea came that this is an aggression from the Western epistemological model on the Islamic epistemological model, so this book issued a warning to people not to take everything It is received by them, and the most severe issue was permitting abortion absolutely and permitting homosexuality. ”But after that, Jumah says, and after the death of Jad al-Haq, the total results of scientific conferences that have nothing to do with Islam, neither negatively nor positively, confirmed that female circumcision is harmful rather than pleasant.

The deputy of the Nour Party said that there are clear narrations indicating that circumcision has an origin in Sharia. The Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: If circumcision touches circumcision, that is, the circumcision of a man and the circumcision of a woman because she was circumcised, and Al-Ahmadi said that before 1994 the Council of Senior Scholars and Senior Scholars Al-Azhar and the “consensus of Islamic scholars” on circumcision, and it is not possible for scholars to unite in misguidance.

The deputy clarified that the preponderant Sharia opinion of the Nour Party on this issue is that not all women need circumcision, and the deputy clarified that there is no clear evidence regarding the issue of the circumcision of the Prophet’s daughters, whether by negative or positive, and Al-Ahmadi considered the hadith: “If circumcision touches circumcision.” God be upon him: Ten of the fitrah and mentioned among them circumcision, evidence of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, guided female circumcision.

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