A movie star accuses a former actor and minister of raping her – Miscellaneous


Serbian movie star Daniela Steinfeld accused an actor who held the position of Minister of Culture in Serbia of raping her eight years ago, in the latest scandal in the Balkan country in what has been described as the “Me To” movement in its Serbian version..

The 37-year-old actress, who is currently residing in the United States, spoke about the supposed assault for the first time in a documentary shown last year that dealt with the state of trauma resulting from sexual assaults, without revealing names.

However, she named the intended representative before the Public Prosecutor in Belgrade on Monday, and disclosed the name in a radio interview with “Insider.”.

“I was raped by my colleague and dear friend Branislav Lecic in May 2012,” Steinfeld said in the interview. “After four days, we were performing together in a play.”.

The Public Prosecutor told AFP that an investigation had been opened into the accusations, which Branislav Lecic, 65, denies..

Lecic enjoys great fame in Serbia, where he also has a political career, as he held the position of Minister of Culture in the early 2000s, and is currently heading an opposition party..

He described the accusations against him as one of the “boldest lies” and aimed at “discrediting my credibility”, expressing his willingness “to respond to these accusations at any time.”.

The “Insider” website published a recording of a phone conversation that Daniela Steinfeld said she had handed over to the judiciary, in which she talks about the supposed rape with a man whose voice resembles that of Branislav Lecic..

Daniela Steinfeld was one of the first Serbian actresses to speak out publicly about sexual harassment in artistic circles, with actress Milena Radulovic, who in January accused the director of a prestigious College of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade of raping her..

These accusations have opened the door to thousands of testimonies on social media from women in the area of ​​sexual violence they have been subjected to.



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