A NASA orbiter captures a photo of the Martian sand dunes


NASA released a new image taken by the Mars Orbiter orbiter showing sand dunes inside a crater 3 miles long on the planet’s northern regions, and the image was taken in February, which reveals some details about the formation of the canyons on the red planet, which form when the ice melts with the change of seasons .

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, NASA said: Some sand dunes inside the crater appear to have separated from the main group, and they appear to ascend in the slope of the crater along a groove-like shape.

Mars from the orbiter
Mars from the orbiter

NASA’s Mars Orbiter spacecraft has been taking pictures of Mars since 2006, sending out a gigabyte of images, and revealing new details about the ancient world.

This last image was captured by the High Resolution Imaging Experience Camera (HiRISE) on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 196 miles above the surface of Mars.

A “field of sand dunes” appears inside an ice-covered crater at the higher latitudes of the northern planes of the red planet, revealing gullies that may have formed from the melting ice.

The surface of the main dune field is also covered in a series of dark-colored patterns, which NASA said these may be the result of a seasonal frost process.

New Mars image
New Mars image

Many of the dune’s steeper slopes, pointing downwind, host narrow gullies that mark the beginning of the formation of gullies, possibly from melting ice.

One of the primary goals of the orbiting spacecraft is to find evidence that water was once flowing through the surface of the Red Planet, for how long and whether it has done so in sufficient quantities and for a long enough period for life to evolve.

The discovery of evidence of ice melting and the formation of canyons adds to the scientific understanding of the planet, as the crater floor contains a variety of formations, along with striped patterns indicating the seasonal melting caused by sublimation of the ice.


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