A new statement from the Minister of Irrigation regarding the “Renaissance Dam”


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The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation denied what was published on one of the sites under the title: “The Egyptian Minister of Irrigation … I am a pessimist”, and confirmed that this statement is false and was not issued by Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aty, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, and that the aim of publishing such false news is to cause confusion In public opinion.

Abdel Aty added that Egypt is dealing with the challenges it faces in the field of water through many measures and major projects aimed at rationalizing the use of water and maximizing the return from the water unit, stressing that Egypt has distinguished national experiences in the field of water resources and irrigation, and can deal with such challenges in the utmost degree Efficiency and finding practical solutions to it by converting such challenges into opportunities that benefit Egyptians.

The minister emphasized that it is health concerns, not patients, that push the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation to increase its readiness to deal with water challenges and face any emergency that the water system is exposed to.

He continued: Egypt has a clear desire to complete the negotiations on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, with an emphasis on Egypt’s constants in preserving its water rights and achieving benefit for all in any agreement on the Renaissance Dam, and an emphasis on seeking to reach a fair and binding legal agreement for all that meets the aspirations of all countries in development.

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