A Norwegian “engineering masterpiece” … The beginning of the completion of the first tunnel for ships around the world – the economic – the global economy


Norwegian authorities, after decades of planning, have given the green light to construct what is known as “the world’s first ship tunnel”.

The tunnel, which is 1,700 meters long, will penetrate the mountainous “Stadhavit” peninsula in the northwest of the country.

The cost of building this “engineering masterpiece” will reach $ 330 million, and the construction process will take between 3 and 4 years, starting from the year 2022.

As for the goal of building this tunnel, “Monte Carlo”, quoting the Norwegian Coastal Administration, states that ships sailing in this region are often affected by tides and bad weather conditions, as they witness the heaviest storms and hurricanes in Norway.

As a result, some ships have to wait several days in nearby ports before completing their journey, but with the construction of this tunnel, storms and hurricanes will not affect the ships inside.

In addition, ships will take a shorter time to complete their voyages safely and smoothly thanks to this project, and it will contribute to the promotion of industrial and commercial activities in the region.

It will also attract tourists who want to see this unique engineering masterpiece, as confirmed by the Norwegian Authority.


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