A proposal with a desire in Parliament to form a parliamentary delegation to visit the New Delta


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Dr. Ayman Mahsab, a member of Parliament, made a proposal willingly to Counselor Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House, regarding the formation of a parliamentary delegation to visit the one and a half million acres project “The New Delta”.

Mahsab said that the “New Delta” project, which is being built on an area of ​​one and a half million acres, is one of the most important national projects in the field of agricultural development to secure the food of Egyptians, open new urban communities and create job opportunities for youth, and create an attractive climate for agricultural investment. The House of Representatives forms a parliamentary delegation to visit the project, promote it, and overcome all obstacles in order to increase the agricultural area and benefit from wasted wastewater that will be treated according to international health standards for use in agriculture, in addition to the use of groundwater. Mahsab added that the project is also a huge achievement through which we aim to strengthen the state’s strategy in agricultural and urban expansion, achieving food security, and establishing new agricultural, urban and industrial communities characterized by modern administrative systems, with the aim of increasing Egypt’s exports of agricultural crops to about 10 million tons annually, thus achieving Self-sufficiency. The member of the House of Representatives indicated that the project represents part of the economic reform process that has begun to bear fruit, as the project contributes to getting out of the narrow valley and creating new development projects, and stable and integrated agricultural societies, including projects of agricultural industrialization and animal and poultry production, in a way that achieves integration with all Agricultural activities on the project lands, to start with crops that consume less water, and to prohibit the cultivation of water-intensive crops, to ensure the sustainability of water resources in these areas.

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