A rare appearance by the sons of Isad Younes: the two texts of my heart that are completing one another


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Souad Younes

In multi-colored summer costumes and a calm smile, the children of producer and journalist Isaad Yunus, presenter of the “Her Excellency” program broadcast on the DMC screen, kidnapped the attention during their rare appearance through a picture published by their mother, through her official account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

Details of the rare appearance of the sons of Isad Younes

Her son, Graduation Bob, appeared in red, which was distinguished by being long, loose, and unpainted, with a blue tie and a white shirt, dark trousers, while his sister appeared in light brown trousers with a champagne-colored “blouse”, with long sleeves, with hair draping some Ripples.

And Issad Younes commented on the picture, saying: “Two texts of my heart that complete each other … my children.”

Soon, the pioneers of the social networking site interacted with thousands of recordings of likes and comments, including: “Your children are like the moon, God willing, may God protect them”, “Your children are very similar to you, especially your daughter, may God protect them”, and “Sweet children of all six, may God bless their age. And their health and protect them from the eye and all evil ».

The participation of Issad Younes in the “One Hand” campaign

It is noteworthy that the journalist, Isaad Yunus, participated in the “One Hand” campaign to support women who survived violence, as King Saeed, the campaign’s founder, expressed her happiness, saying that she had known the media for a long time, because her brother and Omar, the son of Isad, were in school together and traveled to London. together.

And she continued her speech: “Our longevity is from when we are young, we see each other, and when I suggested her to participate, she helped me with many needs, and she was happy that she is participating in the campaign.”

She added, during an intervention via Zoom, on the “Ambassador Aziza” program broadcast on the “DMC” channel, that the artist Isad Younes has a voice and influence and will encourage battered women or anyone subjected to any kind of violence to speak and deny


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