A robot-made digital art piece was auctioned for about $ 700,000


A digital art piece made by Sophias humanoid robot was sold at auction today, Thursday, for $ 688,888 in token currency.

The token, a digital signature preserved in a digital ledger site that allows anyone to verify ownership and authenticity of items, has become the latest investment trend, as a piece of art was sold this month at a price of nearly $ 70 million.

The robot, Sophia, who was unveiled in 2016, produced her artistic creations in collaboration with Andrea Bonacito, a 31-year-old Italian digital artist, best known for his colorful paintings, some of which depict celebrities, such as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla.

The robot combined elements of Bonasitos work, art history, and her drawings or paintings on various surfaces several times in a process that designer David Hansen describes as “iterative loops of evolution.”

The digital artwork, “The Incarnation of Sophia,” is a 12-second MP4 file showing the evolution of a painting by Bonacito into a digital drawing of the robot Sophia and accompanied by artwork that Sophia drew on a printed copy of her self-portrait.


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