A sad message from Houria Farghali for this shocking reason


The artist Houria Farghali revealed her great sadness due to the insistence of some social media pioneers on circulating an old photo of her after the first surgery to fix her nose and claiming that this is her new look>

Houria confirmed that she feels angry, and sent a voice message from her residence in America, indicating that her current shape has changed a lot, and she regained the shape of her natural face, but the attending physician prevents her from publishing the pictures until after the scheduled surgeries are completed.

Houria added in an audio recording of the “Show Light” program, broadcast on Al-Hayat satellite channel: I had two operations and the third operation I will perform next Wednesday, but I am upset because the image in circulation is a picture of me after undergoing my first surgery five years ago, which caused the failure of the operations that followed. And she said, “This is not the real picture now, and it is not how I look now.”

Houria confirmed the improvement in her health, saying: Praise be to God, much better and my shape is completely different, and here they crippled the bone and the nail that I had and I still had no need in it, and this picture I had on Facebook and in Hacker stole it, and that’s why I don’t have Facebook, and the picture is old very.

And she demanded that the news attached to the photo be denied, criticizing the journalists who reported the information without verifying it, saying: We see who are journalists who do not know, I say yes, God and yes, the agent, they say things that are not correct.

She confirmed that she does not mind revealing her image now, but her doctor refuses to reveal her image until after the completion of the fourth operation, adding, if you please, saying that this image is not real, because it really is not real and I will not display it, I will say if it is real.


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