A shocking surprise … The investigations prove that Israas husband hit her with his fold and wanted to throw her into the sea


The husband’s hatred and hatred were to be the cause of his wife’s murder.Israa Emad“Were it not for fate, he had saved her and she was taken to the hospital, and the Public Prosecution’s investigations revealed the details of the attempt to kill Isra Imad at the hands of her husband and severely injure her in separate parts of her body, explaining that the husband assaulted her with a penknife due to differences between them, then he carried her to a car and called his brother to summon him, so he came accompanied by another and heard the victim She has to talk to them, in addition to blaming her husband’s brother for his transgression of her and for doing so bypassing what they agreed upon.

The prosecution confirms and confirms the authenticity of the assault on Isra Imad

A security official said that the prosecution’s investigations proved that the victim, Israa, confirmed during her testimony about her husband’s assault at the instigation of his brother and mother. He denied the allegations attributed to him of his attempt to kill his wife and admitted that he assaulted her with a knife because of the differences between them without intending to kill her.

A shocking surprise .. Investigations prove a husband "Israa" He hit her with his fold and wanted to throw her into the sea
The first picture of Isra Imad after her exit

He ordered the arrest of the accused’s brother and his mother

The prosecution decided to detain the perpetrator for four days pending investigations and ordered the suspect’s brother to be summoned because he is the main cause of the tragedy. To hear their statements, the police were tasked with searching for surveillance machines at the location of the incident and examining them to show the extent of the crime being portrayed and conducting investigations about the accused’s intent in attacking his wife and the role of his brother and mother in the incident. Happened to her.


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