A source in Al-Ahly at night Koura: A reason was requested by Abdul Hafeez


Tunisian international Ali Maaloul, the left back of Al-Ahly, has set a new date for his return to Cairo in order to complete his qualifying program with the team.

According to a source from Al-Ahly club in statements via “Yallakora,” Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football, spoke by phone with Ali Maaloul to check on his condition.

The source added that the contact between Abdelhafid and Maaloul also witnessed the development of the qualifying program that the player is subjected to with the Tunisian national team doctor after suffering a torn back muscle for a second time.

He added that Maaloul asked Sayed Abdel Hafeez to postpone his return to Cairo until April 3, especially that the Scion team is in Sudan, which is what the football director agreed to.

The first team football team left Al-Ahly Cairo airport a short while ago, on board a special plane to Sudan, in preparation for the match between Mars, scheduled for next Saturday, in the fifth round of Group A competitions in the African Champions League.

After four rounds, Al-Ahly has seven points, as the red team is three points away from Tanzanian group leader Simba.

On the other hand, the Congolese Vita Club comes third with four points, then Al-Merrikh Al-Sudani with a point.


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