A source in Al-Ahly denies the existence of European performances by Ahmed Yasser Rayan


An official source in Al-Ahly administration denied reports about official or friendly offers by European clubs for Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker of the team loaned to Ceramica Cleopatra.

Al-Ahly had agreed to the departure of Ahmed Yasser Rayan, on loan to the end of the season for Ceramica Cleopatra Club.

“There are no official or friendly offers for Ahmed Yasser Rayan,” the source said in his statements at Laila Kora.

And he continued, “Ahmed Yasser Rayan is a good player and a special material, and he was loaned based on his desire to have the opportunity to participate mainly, as happened last season in his loan to El Gouna.”

Ahmed Yasser Rayan aims to participate mainly in order to preserve his chances of being on the Egyptian Olympic list in the upcoming Olympic Games.

He added, “There are no European offers for Ahmed Yasser Rayan so far, and it is logical that there will be no negotiations at this time of the year, especially since there is no current transfer period.”

He concluded, “Perhaps there were conversations between some of the players’ agents with Ahmed Yasser Rayan himself, but we did not receive any official or friendly order to negotiate the rookie player card.”


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