A source in Al-Ahly Laila Kora: Musimani did not ask Ahmed Tawfiq


A responsible source inside Al-Ahly club confirmed that the team’s coach, Pitso Musimani, did not request the inclusion of Ahmed Tawfiq, the Pyramids player, which in turn led to him not entering into negotiations to complete the contract.

The source – who refused to be named – said in private statements at Laila Kora that Ahmed Tawfiq is a good and distinguished player, but Al-Ahly has not entered into any negotiations to join him so far.

He added: “The coach, Betsu Musimani, did not ask to include the player or negotiate with him. We are waiting for a list of his technical needs and then discuss them with him by the planning committee headed by Mohsen Saleh in the presence of Mahmoud al-Khatib, the club president and the general supervisor of the ball, and then assigning the Contracting Department to negotiate, which did not happen at all.” “.

He explained: “We have good players in the middle of the stadium, such as Alio Diang, Hamdi Fathi, Amr Al-Soliya and Akram Tawfiq, and there are Mohamed Mahmoud and Karim Nedved who returned from injury, Mahmoud Metwally is good at playing in this position, and El-Araby Badr, who will return at the end of the season from El Gouna, where he plays on loan.”

He concluded: “The same thing on the right side there is Muhammad Hani and we have Akram Tawfiq, Ahmed Ramadan Beckham and the returnee Karim Nedved, all of whom played in this position and excelled in a distinguished manner.”


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