A source in Al-Ahly: There is no crisis regarding rescheduling the Sundowns training session


A source in the Al-Ahly technical staff confirmed that changing the date of the Sudanese Al-Hilal match and the South African Sundowns will not affect the team’s preparations to face Al-Merrikh in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly will be a guest on Sudan’s Al-Merrikh next Saturday in the fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League, 24 hours after the meeting between Al-Hilal and Sundowns in the same round.

The source said, in statements to Laila Kora: “There is no final crisis if the date of the match between Al Hilal and Sun Downs is changed.

He added, “We agreed with Sudanese Al-Merrikh officials to participate in the training session on Thursday at Al-Jawhara Al-Zarqa stadium because of the stadium’s association with Al-Hilal and Sundowns on Friday.”

He explained: “If the date of the match between Al Hilal and Sundowns is changed to 3 pm on Friday afternoon instead of 6 pm, and the date of the training session of the South African champion is changed on Thursday, there is no crisis at all for us.”

He continued, “If Sundowns modifies his training date on Thursday to be three in the afternoon, then there is no problem. We will coordinate training before or immediately after him.”

The source concluded, “Sudanese Mars officials are cooperating with us greatly, and it will undoubtedly end.”

It is noteworthy that press reports stated that there was a change in the date of the Al-Hilal and Sundowns match to be held at 3 pm on Friday instead of 6 in the evening due to the floodlights crisis, which may prompt Sundowns to adjust its training date on Thursday to be held at 3 pm, which is the same date that Al-Ahly will train .


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