A source in “Al-Ray” reveals the reason for choosing April 15 as the deadline for


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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Ahmed Massad:

During his last visit to Sudan early this month, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced that next April 15 will be a deadline for Cairo and Khartoum to end negotiations with Ethiopia regarding the Renaissance Dam crisis, in a message that Egypt wants to reach a political solution before the second filling For the dam that threatens Sudan’s dams and reduces Egypt’s share.

An official source at the Ministry of Irrigation said that the determination of April 15 was based on technical decisions, before it was a political decision, adding that the aim of it was to agree on a clear path to solve the crisis before the second filling of the dam, explaining that the next meeting will be executive.

President El-Sisi visited Sudan on March 6, which is the highest coordination between the two countries since Ethiopia began building the Grand Renaissance Dam in 2011.

The source added, in a special statement he made to Masrawy, that the choice of date is due to the fact that Ethiopia needs only one month to top the middle part and then start the storage process, pointing out that Egypt and Sudan are afraid of a single filling at the last time, and we return to the vicious circle once, so the president announced Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, this appointment.

He continued: “The choice of this timing came in order to provide opportunities for re-negotiation and bridging views without pressure on any party, and it provides other opportunities for downstream countries before the second storage.”

The source indicated that Egypt is communicating with all parties and international organizations to bring views closer, adding: “Negotiation is a battle as well, and the Egyptian state is committed to not infringing on its water rights, otherwise we would have signed an agreement long ago.”

Sudan proposed quadripartite mediation by the United States of America, the United Nations, the African Union and the European Union after negotiations stalled on January 10.

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