A special wedding service from “Emirates Airlines” raises controversy on social media – economic – the UAE economy


Emirates Airlines revealed that it will launch a special wedding service on board its giant “Airbus A380” aircraft.

“We are pleased to launch a special wedding service for those who wish to marry at an altitude of 40,000 feet … We will take love to new heights!”

She added that the new service will be available from April 1, 2021, explaining that those wishing to do so can plan their perfect day on board the giant plane, which is available on specific routes.

According to the advertisement posted on the airline’s page, a picture of two newlyweds and a white heart-shaped sign appears on April 1, 2021.

The announcement caused controversy among the followers of the carrier on social media accounts, as it coincided with the date of April 1, which is a traditional occasion in a number of countries and people know it as “April Fools”.

Some considered the announcement a joke from Emirates Airlines to greet its followers in a comfortable way, while others suggested that this was true in light of the exceptional and distinguished services provided by the airline.



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