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The artist Amir Karara drew attention to him when he appeared in the promotional promo for the series “The Generation of the Strangers”, especially when he was feeding the lion from his mouth, which is a bold move by Karara.

What were the scenes of that shot and how long did it take to train Assad to perform his scenes with Amir Karara?

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Lions coach Ashraf El-Helou revealed to FilFan.com the scenes of the controversial footage that began when he received a call from director Mohamed Sami two months ago to seek the help of a lion in the series “The Offspring of the Strangers”. Muhammad Sami frequented the National Circus in Agouza more than once before filming began and chose the lion himself “Alloushi.” “Among the many lions.

Al-Helou added that he asked those in charge of the work to design a cage with specific specifications for the safety factor, which was already provided to the fullest, and he took the lion to the production city in order to perform rehearsals with the lion before filming began, and the filming took about 12 intermittent days.

Al-Hilu pointed out that Amir Karara was worried in his first meeting with Assad, but with the continuing rehearsals, he became more accustomed to him, pointing out that Assad is a close friend of Amir Karara in the series and he often sits with him in the events and talks to him, and the story indicates that they are similar in characteristics. The lion is among another group of lions in the palace of Amir Karara.

As for the shot in which Prince Karara feeds the lion from his mouth, Al-Hilu pointed out that the lion is trained in that movement in the circus, but the difference was in the person who does it, so the lion was trained alone on that movement and then trained with a prince, pointing out that he was accompanied by him behind the camera. Inside the cage.

Al-Hilu said that the stick he used Karara did not exceed 10 cm, so the meat appeared on the lips of a prince, so he had to be present with him to prevent the risk because they were very close, adding that Amir kept feeding him and sitting with him many times in order to comfort him and carry out the scene as required and due to his confidence in the sweet And his sister, Luba, it became easy and it did not happen that the lion attacked him in the scenes.

Al-Hilu added that the director, Muhammad Sami, used to attend rehearsals for the lion and he used to joke with him and feed him, especially since he loved animals so much.

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