A strong message from the artist, Sherine Abdel-Wahab, to Mrs. Intissar Al-Sisi. Get to know her


The artist Sherine Abdel-Wahab published a comment through her personal account on the private social networking site, by publishing several short tweets “Twitter” in which he sent a message after the ceremony, which was revived in the presence of the President’s victory, Sisi.

A nationalist message from Sherine Abdel-Wahab to the wife of President El-Sisi

Carried out Sherine Abdel Wahab Certainly, she said, “I was honored with the song of the Egyptian woman and mother on her Eid in front of the wife of the President of the Republic, the honorable Mrs. Intisar al-Sisi and a group of Egyptian women who are inspiring.”

She also released a song for her yesterday on the occasion of celebrating Mother’s Day, which bears the name “Hayya Al-Dunya” through her YouTube channel, and the song is written by poet Ayman Bahjat Qamar and composed by Amr Mostafa and distributed by Nabulsi.

In a related context, she released a new song entitled Hayya Al-Dunya on the YouTube video site on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and the number of viewers of the song has arrived since its launch and presentation in 3 hours to 45 thousand viewers, and it is one of its distinctive songs at the present time on the occasion of celebrating Mother’s Day.

And the lyrics of the song say, “The one who supported her fell, stood up and held her hand, the one who memorized the poetry for her and sang it to her on her feast, the first time she carried it, the sweetest words I heard, my dear mother and six people, a blessing and my life I do not replace it, it is the world, it is the world, it is what I am Who and I are in a lap with me by the second, it is the world, it is the most expensive and it is the first, in its second home. ”


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