A study reveals the ideal location for the origin of life


Titan’s surface is covered with organic hydrocarbons, and scientists believe that its ice crust embraces an ocean of water.

According For a scientific study A new, potentially asteroid or comet would have collided with Saturn’s moon, forming these two components, providing an ideal environment for life to begin.

And the science magazine “Science” website quoted a scientist Planets In the University of Paris, Lia Bonvoy, as saying: “If we have a lot of liquid water, which forms a temporary warm pool on the surface of Titan, then we can have suitable conditions for life because of the presence of organic matter that may represent the origin of the emergence of living things.”

Scientists believe that the hydrosphere is located about 100 kilometers under Titan’s crust.

…. geology Planets at the Brazilian University of Campinas, Alvaro Pintido Crosta, the Moon Saturn It is filled with many craters, some of which are likely to transfer organic matter on the surface to the water beneath it to form what he described as a “primitive soup of the evolution of life.”

Scientists suggest that the collision with the moon of Saturn formed a lake just a million years ago before it froze in the cold temperatures of Titan, and thus microbes evolved benefiting from liquid water and organic molecules, and the heat resulting from the collision.


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