A touching video for Ragheb Alama, his wife, Jihan Alama, crying


Jewelry designer criedJihan Mark, The wife of the Lebanese artistRagheb Alama, And seemed to her very emotional, after showing scenes from her life with her family members, and the song “Remember Ya Amy” in the voice of her husband Ragheb, and her son sent her a special greeting on the occasion of Mother’s Day.
And about the reason for crying, Jihan said while hosting her and her sonKhaled AlamaIn the program “Good Morning Arabs”, which is shown on the “Al Arabiya” channel, she was moved when she recovered the scenes, and she remembered how she raised her two sons and they grew up quickly.
The video, which was spread on social media from the interview, met the interest of a large number of followers, who praised Jihan for preserving her beauty, despite the passage of years.


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