A tour of Hanumas house … Hind Rostom’s daughter opens the treasury of her mother’s secrets after the decision to retire


Basant Reda, the daughter of the artist Hind Rostom, revealed many secrets related to the life of her mother, Marilyn Monroe, in the East, saying that the late artist had a strong personality and looked completely opposite to her nature in the cinema, and added during her interview with the Seventh Day TV, that Hind Rustom had confusion limits. She always chose the modest dress, which is in contrast to what she used to appear on the screens or the roles that she played.

Basant talked about her mother’s distinguished artistic performance, saying, “Everyone who stands in front of Hind Rostom to perform a scene used to make a thousand accounts for her, because she” will chop it “, adding: Hend Rostom was a very smart character and made the decision to retire of her own free will and preferred to stay with her family.

And about the exciting facts revealed by the daughter of the late artist, that the media, Hala Sarhan, offered her mother a blank check to write the amount she wanted in exchange for recording 4 episodes of her biography, but the latter refused and stipulated that her biography be broadcast on Egyptian television.

Basant indicated that her mother refused to marry Rushdi Abaza because, in her belief, it would be a temporary marriage and would not last long, and about the most prominent artists who won the admiration of the late artist, Basant said, “My mother liked very much the character of the late artist Shukry Sarhan, she felt that he was a man in the full sense of the word and this appeared. In many situations as they deal with each other. “


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