A woman accuses her husband of stealing jewelry from her heirs, estimated at 400,000 pounds, and giving it to his mother


A wife filed a dissipation lawsuit against her husband, before the Giza Misdemeanor Court, and demanded his imprisonment and compensation for his and his mother’s takeover of jewelry she inherited from her mother, estimated at 400 thousand pounds, and the theft of her possessions.

The plaintiff said: “My husband’s mother, since she learned about the sums of money and jewelry that she inherited from my mother, is inciting him to treat me badly, and to punish me with beating and abuse, after I refused her interference in my life, to put her hands on my inheritance, expel me from my home, and accuse me of false charges after 8 years of marriage.” And leave me hanging. ”

The wife confirmed in her lawsuit that she was shocked by the transformation of her husband and his mothers, after discovering that her husband was planning to divorce her without returning her rights, in order to obtain prison sentences against him, and to file a suit for divorce for harm, to escape from the marital cage after the appearance of his true face – according to her description – after he tried To get rid of her and severely beat her until she lost consciousness, and medical reports were submitted and witnesses testimony, about the harm that befell her as a result of her husband’s violence and injury, in addition to her psychological condition, which deteriorated due to his violence, after her patience throughout the years of their marriage, with his violence and habit of insulting her, and his rejection of all solutions Friendly.

The wife continued her claim: I saw the most difficult days during my life under one roof with him, as he assaulted and abused me until he blackmailed me to steal my money from me, and his attempt to register the car that I owned in his name after he threatened me, and then left me when he despaired of his refusal to give him it.

It is mentioned that when the assets of the parent agency are recovered, the in-kind response is made, meaning that the wife in the case may not request the return of the movables or their value, and when it is proven that they have been destroyed or lost by the husband, the wife or divorced woman has the right to request its value.

And the Personal Status Law affirmed that the husband is mandated to return the list of movables, whenever requested, and the penalty for squandering the trust is imprisonment from 24 hours to 3 years imprisonment.


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