A woman finds her iPhone 11 Pro working 30 days after it fell into an icy lake


A report issued by the US CTV website revealed that a woman named Angie Carrier managed to recover her iPhone 11 Pro a month after it was dropped in the icy waters of Canadas lake, where the woman was visiting Lake Waskisio to celebrate her fiftieth birthday, and while she was putting her phone on her knee, except that The phone slipped off her knee and fell straight into the lake.

According to the report, at first, Carrier had no desire to save the phone from the frozen lake, but later she considered it a challenge, and on her third trip, she was able to locate it using a fish finder and a magnet after searching for it for two hours, and after finding it, she turned it on despite She expected that it would not function properly, but the opposite happened as the phone worked normally.

“The screen saver appeared, which was shocking at first and then when I wiped it off … everything was still on the phone,” Carrier said, adding, “I was looking for my pictures from my fiftieth party, and Takari said:” There is nothing in it. The phone does not work, “adding:” It is amazing. “

Surviving 30 days in icy waters can be described as a rare case where Apple, on its part, does not make such claims, and according to the company, the iPhone 11 Pro offers an IP68 rating, which means it claims to live in 4 meters of water for up to To 30 minutes.


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