A young man accuses his wife of fornication and the practice of lesbianism with girls in Kafr El Sheikh


10:14 AM

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Kafr El Sheikh – Islam Ammar:

Counselor Yahya Al-Saqan, head of the Desouk Prosecution in Kafr El-Sheikh, under the supervision of Counselor Ashraf Ali Rabie, the first public attorney of the Kufr Al-Sheikh College Prosecution, ordered the detention of a wife in her third decade of life, pending investigations, for accusing her of committing adultery with another, according to a martial contract.

The details came back when Major General Khaled Al-Azab, director of Kafr El-Sheikh security, received a notification from Brigadier General Ayman Bakri, head of the Desouk police station, about a report from “ASF”, 35, residing in a village in Desouk, accusing his wife of 23 years. Public fornication with one person, and lesbianism with another.

On the 13th of May 2018, the complainant associated with his wife, the complainant, committed a legal marriage contract, and was surprised by her customary marriage, and she is infallible, and she also took pictures of herself with her lover that were immoral. The husband’s lawyer said that footage was monitored while the complainant practicing lesbianism with a friend.

The investigations of Major Ahmed Abu Arida, chief of investigations at the Desouk Police Station, under the supervision of Colonel Ahmed Sakran, Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch in West Kafr El Sheikh, confirmed the validity of the statements of the complainant husband.

In this regard, Minutes No. 2181 of 2021 of the Adminstration of Desouk Police Station was issued to this effect, and upon submission to the Public Prosecution Office, it issued its previous decision.

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