A young man kills his mother with 17 stab wounds in Khusus in Qaliubiya


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Experienced Khosos city A hideous murder where he tore apart A psychopath His mother’s body, where he stabbed her 17 years, killed him after being in a state of extreme agitation that led to his being attacked by his mother, 51 years old.

The accused was arrested and a report on the incident was released. The prosecution conducted the investigation under the supervision of the counselor, Hassan, the General Advocate for Public Prosecutions, North Benha, by seizing the body, delegating the forensic medicine office to autopsy the body, explaining the injuries and the cause of death, and detaining the accused pending investigations and presenting him to the forensic medicine to demonstrate the integrity of his mental powers and request investigations of the investigations

Major General Hatem Al-Haddad received a director Mabahith Qalyubia Notification of a murder crime in the city of Khusus, Qalyubia Governorate, where he was stabbed A psychopath His mother was 25 years old to death with a white weapon “knife” and he stabbed her 17 times around her body.

By moving and examining it, Brigadier Khaled Mohammadi, head of the directorate’s investigations, and Brigadier General Muhammad Hosni, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, found that “AHA” 25 years old had stabbed his mother, “O.A.”, 51 years old, a hospital cleaner, and he paid her about 17 stab wounds all over her body. Islam Massad, Chief of Investigations in the Special Division, said the accused A psychopath He was treated for mental illness by doctors and was a resident of a psychiatric hospital for a while.

The accused was arrested and the body was transferred to the hospital at the disposal of the prosecution. A report on the incident was released. The prosecution took over the investigation and ordered the prosecution to authorize the burial after a debate. Forensic Medicine Of the corpse and the imprisonment of the accused.

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