Abdel Moneim Saeed: Sisi’s statement about the Renaissance Dam is a message to the international community


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Thinker Abdel Moneim Saeed, a member of the Senate and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Masry Al-Youm, said that Ethiopia is trying to create from the Renaissance Dam crisis an inclusive national issue.

The thinker Abdel Moneim Saeed added, during his meeting with journalist Amr Abdel Hamid and Nashat Al-Daihi on the “Al-Mashhad” program broadcast on TeN, that it is in the interest of the Egyptian state to grow Ethiopia.

The senator assured that the ships bow but the great nations do not swing, and that Egypt is a great country.

Dr. Abdel Moneim Saeed, a writer and a member of the Senate, said that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s statements about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam are important and are measured in important scales, as there is a difference between what is a threat and what is a warning and what is a warning, noting that the most important thing in the president’s speech is the challenge, saying: Tries experiment », and this statement raised the temperature of Egypt’s preservation of water rights by two to three degrees, but it did not add a threat, but rather it is only a warning.

“Saeed” added that Sisi tells the international community that we will not leave the Renaissance Dam negotiations for another 10 years, and this is the real message that is expected to have echoes.

And he considered that President Sisi drawing red lines in the Libyan crisis had a role in cooling and calming the situation.

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