Abu Raida: What the Olympic did with Zamalek is unacceptable and it does not satisfy me


Hany Abu Raida, a member of the FIFA Executive Committee, made televised statements to MBC Egypt, revealing his opinion on the Olympic Committee decisions against Zamalek and the departure of the former president of Al-Abyadh Mortada Mansour..

Abu Raida said: For me, the first part is the Olympic Committee’s interference in this work. I completely reject it because Zamalek and Al-Ahly are not only a ball, but a very large social and sports entity..

He added: As for the part about the existence of violations, according to the Zamalek regulations, the procedure is correct, and I do not know if the measures taken were sound or not..

He continued: What the Olympic Committee did with Zamalek to me is unacceptable, and we as an international federation and an African Union “do not see it” and we in the International Federation have our rules..

He concluded: The International Football Association has a different system from the Olympic and what the latter takes about football we do not see, “The procedure for the Olympic Committee, I am convinced of it from the first day,” which is not positive what they did from my point of view, but they viewed Zamalek as a social entity, not just football..


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