Abu Raida: What the Olympic team did with the Zamalek administration is unacceptable


12:48 AM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Hany Abu Raida, a member of the Executive Committee of the African and International Federations, confirmed that the Egyptian Olympic Committee’s decision to freeze and dissolve the former Zamalek Club board of directors is a red line in view of the regulations and laws.

In statements on MBC Egypt, Abu Raida indicated that the crisis of the Zamalek and Al-Raja meeting in the last African Champions League, witnessed interference on his part and the selection of the new date for the meeting based on a proposal from White Castle officials.

Abu Raida said: “What happened from the Olympic Committee against the management of Zamalek is unacceptable. This matter is a red line for FIFA and KAF, but they looked at the matter from the side that it was a social club, but as a sports club what happened is the red line.”

And he continued: “In the crisis of the Zamalek match, and Al-Raja, we set the date. I spoke with Faouzi Lakja, president of the Moroccan Federation, and he told me to set the date and I agree.”

He concluded: “I spoke with Mortada Mansour, the head of Zamak at the time, and he informed me of a new date for the meeting, and this is contrary to what is said in the media that Morocco set the date.”


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