Afaf Rashad: My son’s profession is what raised me and I am not open (video) news


Actress Afaf Rashad said that all the hype that affected her latest pictures on social media is something she did not like because it is a special image that does not concern anyone.

Afaf Rashad added in a video and circulated through social media, that she thanks everyone who spoke about her well, while she was angry with everyone who bully her, because she simply respected the audience and respected her throughout her years of work.

She explained, “I am six ordinary and six house. Not a photo uploaded from me, and I am not 64 years old and I looked like that.

She continued: “All people asked with me for meetings because people wanted to see me, but I did not want to show me because I would not see people. This is a special need for me, not all people sit and watch me, I did not know what a trend is, upset and someone else was left Happy, but I’m sad. “

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Afaf Rashad is 63 years old, she is divorced from producer Mohamed El-Sobky, and in 2016 she announced her removal of the veil, confirming that the veil caused her psychological headache, so she decided to abandon it, and said that religion is treatment, not clothing or appearance.

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