After 16 years … An unnoticed mistake by Mohamed Heneidy in the movie “The Great China Beans” | news


“The Great China Beans” is one of the most important comedies in the career of artist Mohamed Henedy in recent years, and it enjoys a large fan base between adults and children.

The film featured many comedy stars besides Mohamed Heneidy, such as Sami Sarhan, Suleiman Eid, Suheir Al-Barouni, Hajj Abd Al-Azim and Diaa Al-Mirghani, as well as a number of Chinese actors.

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Despite the great success achieved by the film since its first release in 2004 and after 16 years, this did not prevent the existence of lapses that might make viewers lose their enjoyment of watching.

This error lies in one of the scenes in which “Lee” takes pictures of “Mohi El-Sharqawi” for the sake of the contest Carnegie. In this scene, Mohi was wearing a red shirt, but in the photo of the contest carnet, “Mohi El-Sharqawi” appears wearing a black shirt and a white collar.

The story of the film revolves around “Mohi” who travels instead of his stepfather to compete in a cooking competition in China, to escape from a gang that wants to kill him, and during which actress “Kamala” presented the role of the translator assigned by the competition management to “Mohi”.

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