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Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

The Social Housing Fund announced the results of the first phase of the presidential initiative housing for all Egyptians, which includes units for social housing apartments and medium housing.

The result can be known by entering the following link and entering the national number of the applicant for the reservation to show the result and the duration of the reservation of the applicant.

Those who meet the conditions wonder when the first quarterly installments will be paid, and the amount that will be paid.

According to the method of payment in the conditions booklet, 12 quarterly installments are paid every 3 months, and next April 1 was set as the date for the payment of the first installment, as these installments vary according to the project and unit area, as units within social housing have been offered with an area of ​​75 meters and 90 meters The average housing is 3 spaces 100, 110 and 120 meters.

First: The 75 square meters of social housing apartments

Each installment will be paid 2,100 pounds.

Second: The 90 square meters of social housing apartments

Each installment will be paid 2,600 pounds.

Third: Medium housing apartments for the 100-meter unit

10 thousand pounds will be paid.

Fourth: Apartments of the average housing for the unit of 110 meters

The quarterly installment is EGP 10.5 thousand.

Fifth: Apartments for medium housing for the 120-meter unit

The quarterly installment amounts to 11.5 thousand pounds.

The Social Housing Fund had completed the reservation of apartments with areas of 75 meters and 90 meters, in cities: (Badr “Capital Gardens” – October Gardens – New October “West Airport Area” – May 15 – Tenth of Ramadan – New Obour – Sadat – New Minya – New Mallawy – New Aswan – New Qena – New Sohag), at prices that reached:

244 thousand for the 75 meter apartment.

And 310 thousand for the 90-meter unit.

According to the process of allocating social housing apartments:

Field inquiry operations begin.

Then the credit inquiry after 3 years from now.

Here, the receipt payment is determined, which amounts to 40 thousand on average, as it varies from one barrier to another according to:

– – Income rate.

– – Wilson.

– As well as the funding agency.

– Also, the amount of support granted to the applicant from the Housing Fund.

Then, the unit is allocated to the applicant who meets the conditions.

– The receiving procedures are completed with the city device in which the unit is located.

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