After his appearance with Amr Adib, Latifa sent a message to Sherif Desouky


11:18 AM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

The Tunisian artist Latifa sent a message to the artist Sherif Desouki, after appearing in an interview with the journalist Amr Adib, on the program “The Story”, broadcast on the satellite channel “mbc Egypt”.

Latifa tweeted a picture from the Desouky meeting through her account with “Twitter”, and commented: “I like to say to a very talented and very respected artist and teacher for many generations that I love you like millions of people. Be strong and successful always fights. May our Lord help you and make us happy with your beautiful, elegant art.”

Artist Sherif Desouki revealed the truth about the news circulating about him recently, according to which he was placed in a mental hospital and his family searched for him after suffering a serious injury to his foot, explaining: “Just rumors.”

Desouki said in his interview with “Adeeb”, that he is an artist who represents a special case in the artistic community, as he comes from an artistic family, and his father is the uncle of Desouki who was the director of the comedian artist Ismail Yassin’s troupe since 1948, and that he was raised among the giants of theatrical art at that time such as Zeenat Sidqi and Abdel Fattah Al-Qasri pointed out that he worked hard to become an acting instructor at the Academy of Arts and University Theaters.

Desouky pointed out that his honor at the Cairo Film Festival sparked a state of controversy in the artistic community, and some considered him an intruder, and he did not have sufficient experience at that time.

The artist Sherif Desouki added: “I almost lost my foot after I suffered a slight wound during the filming of one of the series, indicating that the next day he was surprised by a fainting condition that afflicted him and it became clear that he was in an advanced stage of diabetes, pointing out that within 11 days he suffered from pressure, drunkenness and redness. Beside diabetic foot.

Artist Sherif Desouki said that he did not get a third of his wages for the series “B 100 Wesh” produced by “Al Adl Group”, pointing out that he was embarrassed whenever he wanted to claim it, but he was forced to do so due to the health crisis he was exposed to.

Desouki concluded his speech by saying that he endured the pain for two months and hid the producer, Ahmed Al-Ganaini, producer of his film “A Man’s Stand,” in order to finish filming. Indeed, the film achieved the desired success, adding: “Injustice is the monster of my life.


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